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A Job or a Business

Many people work for themselves. They could be professionals, trades, consultants or a contractor providing a service. They could be one person organisations, or have 3 or 4 staff. But are these organisations really a business?

I have heard owners say to me: "We provide a really good service, and I am not interested in the marketing. I just want to find someone to do the marketing for us, and we will provide the service." That is, they are seeking to outsource marketing.

If someone else is doing the marketing for you, they could equally direct the business they generate to someone else. And those you work for are not your clients, they belong to the people who found them for you. You are effectively just a subcontractor. The marketer takes their cut, and you get the rest.

When you join a franchise that provides all the leads to you, when you leave, they keep the customer. This is not a business, it is a job.

If you rely on 1 or 2 sources of work for your business, you are depending on a relationship that may not survive a change in the customer organisation. Like a job that has finished.

The difference between a job and a business, is the marketing. It is the marketing that creates the business. If someone else does all the marketing, they have the business and you are working for them. In a job.

So take charge of your marketing, don't leave it to chance, or worse, give it to someone else to do.

This is an edited version of the full article on the Australian Small Business Blog.

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