Australian Business Coaching Club Newsletter - Stepping into Someone Else's Limelight


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Stepping into Someone Else's Limelight. 

In the early days of theatre, the spotlight was powered by a lime based chemical. This was very expensive, and it was used sparingly. The limelight was reserved for the stars.

In small business it is hard enough to get noticed. But one way of being noticed, is sharing someone else's spotlight. But the bigger and brighter the spotlight, the more expensive it is to share it.

The most common vehicle for sharing the spotlight is sponsorship. But is it worth it?

The question to ask first is whether your customers will be looking in the direction of the spotlight. If you are selling women's fashions, your logo on a Formula-1 car is probably not going to do you any good, unless the car has a female driver.

So ask how many of your potential customers will see this sponsorship. What effect do you think it might have on them?

Apart from getting some signage, what else can you get for your sponsorship? If it is a celebrity, will they give an endorsement? If it is an event, what other presence can you have at the event? A stand? A stall? Are you able to give out promotional material? Can you bring guests? Will they allow you to market to attendees? What else could they offer you?

So make sure you have decided what the outcomes you would like to see from the event, and measure them. In the end, this is just another lead generation strategy, and if you can't measure the results, there probably aren't any.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action ...

Have a great week!

Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
The Australian Business Coaching Club