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Does it Come in any other Colours?
(Edited version of The First Marketing Man I Ever Met)

I remember when I saw my first Marketer.

He was the Marketing Director of ACI Industries, supplying among other things, domestic insulation batts. These were basically a commodity item. Whoever you bought them from, they all had insulation ratings. Rated by the CSIRO. For domestic use. And once they were in, you never saw them again. Not a very exciting consumer product to market.

Now the Marketing guy had gone over to the US to see what the marketers over there were doing to market insulation batts. And at one time, he even visited a manufacturing plant. And while he was there, he saw every so often, instead of a standard yellow batt on the production line, a pink one. He asked the supervisor, about the pink batts. And he told him, these batts were seconds that had not passed the quality inspection, and were died pink so that the packagers would know to discard them.

When he returned to Australia he asked the ACI Operations Manager to dye all the batts pink, and created a marketing campaign that implied that the pink batts were superior to the yellow ones (but in such a way that could not be challenged- since technically, all batts rated the same performed the same).

ACI became the market leader. They had taken a commodity product where the competition was basically price driven. They had created a brand, and a point of difference. There was also a fun element to the campaign. (Pink is more fun than Yellow. And who do you think this colour difference influenced most?)

Have you a point of difference? Can you create one?

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