Make Your Website Pay


Want a Website, but donít know how it will make You Money?


Already Have a Website and KNOW it Doesn't?

Do You Just Want to be on the

 Front Page of Google?


Donít Lose $1000's like Most 1st Time Website Owners 


Make Your Existing Website Pay


Plan Your Online Marketing Strategy from the Start.

The biggest issue for most people considering the development of a website is:


Will my Website Make me Money?


And the biggest mistake they make is assume that their website designer will come up with an Online Marketing Strategy for them. Most first time website owners have learnt this the hard way.


If you wanted to build a house, would you go to a builder and just say ďbuild me a houseĒ? Most people visit an architect or draftsman first. This small expense saves them many times the costs in variations when working directly with the builder. The additional cost of working without plans, are not the fault of the builder, but yours! When you donít have a clear plan, the builder incurs extra costs as you change your mind, and you are unlikely to be happy with the final result!


The same applies with websites.


Even if you use the best website designer in the world, You are responsible for Your Online Marketing Strategy not the designer. You are also responsible for ensuring it is aligned with your business strategy. If it is not, you might have a pretty website- but No Sales


So I am now offerring the program only previously available to Australian Business Coaching Club members and private clients for the first time in a standalone Do-It-Yourself format, but at a fraction of the cost I normally charge private clients. 


Is this You?

  • Are you just about to build Your First Website?
  • Do You have a website that no-one visits?
  • Do You have a website that is invisible?
  • Do You have a website with visitors but no sales?
  • Do You want a website because everyone else has one?
  • Do You want to invest in a website, but don't know how it will make You Money?
  • You want a website but have no online marketing strategy?

If you don't have a website strategy, discover everything you need to know in this program. It is guaranteed to show You how to save and make you $1000's! 




The Website Profit Driver Pak


 Google tells us there are over 11 billion webpages- How will Yours be found?


Do You think: ďIf You Build it They will ComeĒ? Seriously? It ainít going to happen!


A website, is just another form of advertising, although probably the most powerful small business advertising tool available today. But all the same rules of marketing apply. So, you must know in advance:


What return on your eMarketing investment you want,
How you are going to achieve it, and 
How you will measure it.

Without this knowledge, many waste thousands on a website that does nothing for their business. Most websites are ghost towns.  In a few hours you can learn why this is so and how to avoid the mistakes most people make.


This program has been prepared by Dr Greg Chapman, MBA - the Director of  the Australian Business Coaching Club. The best way to determine whether he knows what he is talking about is to check this website. And ask yourself:


How did You find this Web Page?

The Website Profit Driver Pak shows You How to:

  •     Get low cost traffic to your website
  •     Get people to buy once they find your website
  •     How to make money with paid search
  •     Which customers you should be targeting
  •     Use low cost online follow-up strategies
  •     Turn your website into a Lead Generator for your business
  •     Turn your website into a Cash machine

The Website Profit Driver Pak consists of 3 modules. 


1. Make Your Website Pay


2. Google Adword Secrets to Maximise Your Website Return


3. Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business


Hi Greg- our Google Ranking after 2 weeks:
"hiking gear central victoria"  Number 1
"travel gear central victoria"  Number 1
"hiking gear victoria" Number 3
"travel gear victoria" Number 1
"hiking gear horsham" Number 1
same for shepparton, kyneton, echuca and most other towns in our keywords.
"backpacks central victoria" Number 1 & 2
absolutely unbloody believable
cheers steve
Steve McKimmie Outbound Camping, Bendigo


Find out How You will achieve Your Online Marketing Objectives below:


1. Make Your Website Pay


      In this module, You will Discover:

         How to align your offline and online marketing strategy

         How to create a website that people want to visit

         How to promote Your Website

         How to make your website a part of your Sales Pipeline

    Find out about:

         The different types of websites, and which is the right one for you

         Free ways to promote your website

         How to promote your website above the big boys in your industry

         How to find out what your competitors are doing

         Which of your competitors know what they are doing

At the end of this module, you will have created:

         a specification for your website

         a website visitor strategy

         an online & offline traffic generation strategy

         a website sales pipeline

2. Google Adwords to Maximise Your Website Return

     In this module You will Learn

          •    When you should use Adwords to promote your  business
          •    How to create Your campaigns
          •    How to improve your campaign effectiveness
          •    Tricks Google won't tell you
          •    How to maximise your rate of return
          •    How to avoid paying Google too much money


     At the end of this module, you will have created:

  •    a paid search promotion strategy
  •    a Google Campaign management system
  •    a Website sales improvement system

3. Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business

A fundament part of your Website Strategy is creating the right kind of content for your website. This includes a fundamental understanding of who your customers are, the ultimate benefits of your products and why they should buy from you. This module not only will help you with your website content, it will help you with all other marketing you will do in your business.

     In this module You will Learn

          •     who are your Best Buyers
          •     what are your Points of Difference
          •     how you should present your offer to create sales
          •     how to reset the buying criteria



At the end of this module, you will have created:

  •     a compelling offer for your customers
  •     content for your website home page
  •     content for your website About Us page
  •     content for youe website Products & Services page
  •     a strategy to increase the value of your offer and lift your prices

When you invest in the Website Profit Driver Pak, you also receive as a BONUS, a 28 day Free Guest Membership of the Australian Business Coaching Club, which will include unlimited email support for the program, and an introductory Coaching session with Dr Greg Chapman. This is valued at $247.

"This program will provide you with a huge range of advice on how to maximise traffic to our website. I would recommend it to anyone interested in promoting their business to maximise sales."
 Maria Apostolides Austin Health

If you are unsure that this will work for you, we have a no-nonsense unconditional guarantee:

IF youíre not 100% satisfied with the Website Profit Driver Pak, just return the materials in the same condition you received them within 60 days, and Iíll promptly give you a full refund, with NO questions asked, GUARANTEED!
So you will receive:

1. How to Make Your Website Pay

2. Google Adwords Secrets to Maximise your Website Return 

3. Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business 

4. Bonus 28 day Guest Membership of the Australian Business Coaching Club  

5. Bonus Introductory Business Coaching Session with Dr Greg Chapman

6. Bonus 28 day Unlimited eMail support    

Value $97

Value $97

Value $97

Value $197

Value $95


Total Package Value is $583
Your Investment, while stocks last, is:    $247 + gst + $15 p&h
"Since starting to work with Dr Greg Chapman as my Business Coach, my eyes have been opened to the wider business community and how business should be done and strategies I hadnít even considered before. For example, I had a website for 2 years that was invisible, and after following Gregís advice, I was on the front page of Google in a week in all my key areas. The ideas Greg has for promoting my business are just fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is serious in growing their business."
Scott Ellis Ausdraft, Melbourne
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I look forward to showing you how to Make Your Website Pay!
Dr. Greg Chapman, MBA
The Australian Business Coaching Club
P.S. Please know that I really have to limit the number of packages. There are only so many hours I have to provide the support that each person deserves. I wonít jeopardize my reputation by not delivering on that obligation. So donít put it off, and possibly have to join a waiting list. Remember, thereís a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have NOTHNG to lose! IF youíre not 100% satisfied that the Pak will provide what you need, Iíll promptly give you a full refund, with NO questions asked, GUARANTEED!
P.P.S. And donít forget, I provide a FREE, one-on-one initial coaching consultation, as one of your Bonuses, when you sign up for the Website Profit Driver Pak. In this way, youíll quickly be able to implement the strategies in the Pak.
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