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One Click from Oblivion

When someone hits your website for the first time, you have literally seconds to impress. In our online world, everyone wants what they want, NOW. And if they canít find it, they will be gone in less than 60 seconds.

So what are you doing to catch their attention? Your website is just an ad for your business, and like all other ads, it must have a great headline. Your website headline is your ad for your website. And if that can overcome the extremely short attention span of your visitors for long enough, they might just stay to read what is on your home page.

By this time they will be looking for what else is on your site. Are the things a visitor might look for easy to find? Are the things you want them to see visible from the home page?

Most people will not buy on the first visit. So what are you doing to encourage them to come back? Do you have a follow-up strategy?

And what are you doing to get people to buy? Do you have a call to action? Why should they buy from you rather than your competitors?

Most websites are little more than online brochures. Something you send potential clients to. Mostly people you have met offline. But these websites make no money because there is no marketing strategy behind them. Most only exist because owners feel that they should have a website because everyone else does.

So is it any surprise that these websites are just ghost towns?

To make your website pay, you must create a marketing strategy that attracts the right kind of visitors, that has a way of engaging them, encouraging them to come back, until they are ready to buy.

In the Website Profit Driver Pak, you can learn all the tricks of a professional online marketer, me. Ask yourself, how you found your way onto this list? Find out how to create a magnetic website. One that makes you money.

But if you donít have a web strategy, your website is just One Click Away from Oblivion.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action ...

Have a great week!

Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
The Australian Business Coaching Club