The Five Pillars of Guaranteed

Business Success


Why Most Business Stay Small &

What You can Do about Yours

by Dr Greg Chapman, MBA
Australia's Leading Advisor of Emerging Businesses


While the number of micro-businesses is increasing at the astonishing rate of 11% per year only 2% actually escape the growing micro-bubble. These Emerging Businesses leave behind the 98% who become Micro-Stayers

While many Micro-Stayers survive the initial years, they don't prosper with most disappearing over a ten year period. Discover how to avoid this fate.

"The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success" reveals the strategies that have made Dr Greg Chapman's small business clients a success.

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Building a successful business is more complex than ever in the 21st century. The Five Pillars: planning, marketing, systems, motivation and discipline are built on the foundation stones outlined in this book.

Dr Greg Chapman gives you, the business owner, a real insight into each of these areas and begins the realisation that you should not be your business, but rather you should let go and enable your business to grow without you. While there is no ‘secret formula’ to business success, there are steps you must take. The Five Pillars are these steps. Learn what successful business already know when you follow Dr Chapman’s advice. This book is the prescription that takes away the pain of growing your business.

 Tony Steven, CEO Council of Small Business of Australia

When I read The 5 Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success I was stunned - finally, a book that is clearly written by somebody who really understands what it's like to be trapped in a small business, for people who are in small business.

The book tells the story of an entrepreneur whose experience in small business echoes that of so many people in a similar situation - highly skilled, giving great service but frustrated, suffocated by working too hard, and believing that there must be a better way but not knowing what.  The author skilfully weaves solid, down-to-earth business advice and explanations into that story.

If you're in a small business and feel that you could be doing much better, then this book is for you.  I will certainly recommend it as required reading to my own clients who are just starting out in business. Ron Stark, Business Kits Pty Ltd
Learn why small  businesses stay small
  • Find out how to make Your Business a Success
  • Get Step-by-Step instructions to achieve Your Business Vision & Goals

With this book you will receive as a Bonus Four Business Tools:

  • Business Goal Creator, 
  • Business Plan Template, 
  • Profit Driver Calculator,
  • Price – Profit Calculator  

The value of these four tools which you can download separately after you receive your copy of this book, is $100.

Amazing results!  In just a few months of working with Dr Chapman I have been able to increase my chargeable hourly rate by a massive 400%.The exciting thing is, the clients I now work with don’t have an issue with price point, they recognise the value in my services and happily engage."  Greg Fellows, Dynamic Business & Training Solutions


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This book should prove to be a very useful and practical guide to anyone going into business. It is also useful for those in business who may be wondering why their business is not growing or going in directions they want it to. Greg has personally helped me to set goals and to see what I needed to do to succeed in my business. He has managed to put those tools and ideas into a logical and easy to follow plan. The employment of a case study makes the book real and makes the theory explicit. I recommend his first book to anyone about to go or already in business.
Judith Field, Director of Direct Speech

May Your Business be as You Plan It!

Dr. Greg Chapman, MBA
The Australian Business Coaching Club
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