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The Sales Person had No Clothes

The story is so common. A business’ sales are down, so they hire a sales person. After a couple of months with little or nothing to show for their efforts, they let the sales person go. Was the sales person not up to it? In my experience, it is usually not their fault.

In most cases, the owner has done little more than explain what their products are, and given the new sales person a list of names for the person to contact. In many cases, cold calling potential buyers who probably had just seen off their competitor moments beforehand. What sort of reception do you expect them to receive?

These owners have sent their sales team into battle without armour. There is no artillery to soften resistance. Its just them. Their sales people are wearing no clothes.

The artillery that should be fired before you send out the sales team (the infantry) is your marketing campaign. Marketing is awareness raising of consumers that you have an answer to some problem they need solving. It is encouraging people to call you about your products and services. It is about creating a compelling offer that will attract buyers to your business. Marketing also creates a position for your business where you are the logical choice for anyone in your target market.

When you use marketing before your sales, the sales person is no longer making cold calls. In many cases, the buyer has actually contacted you first. This increases your sales efficiency and conversion rates, and reduces your selling costs.

An integrated approach such as explained step-by-step in the Marketing & Sales Profit Driver Pak ensures that your business is in control of your sales process, and that your sales team are fully prepared for the battle in your marketplace.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action ...

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Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
The Australian Business Coaching Club