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Predicting the Future

It’s easy to predict the future. We do it all the time. When you go for a bank loan, they look at your credit history. If you go for a job, they look at your work history.

We predict the future by looking at the past and based on the assumption, a leopard doesn’t change its spots, we will generally be right.

We are creatures of habit. We travel to work the same way each day and do our weekly shopping at the same supermarket. Why? It’s because we have finished experimenting, and we are comfortable with the outcomes we currently get.

However, results do vary. Sometimes there is a traffic jam on our favourite route, or the supermarket is out of our favourite dessert, but we still stick with the tried and true.

When it comes to marketing, it is much the same. We have experimented with other techniques, and have come back to the old faithful ones, even if they are not all that faithful. Yet we expect, for some reason, that the results will suddenly improve if we give it one more try.

If your old marketing methods are no longer giving you the returns you expect, it is time to experiment again. This does not mean you should throw good money after bad when you receive the next phone call from a newspaper with a special advertising opportunity in a lift out in “your target market”. It means you do need to look at your marketing strategy again to see whether you are targeting the right customers with the right offer in the right way.

If you keep on doing what you have done in the past, aren’t you able to predict your future? If that is not the future you want, change it.

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