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The Second Pillar is Marketing
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The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success

the Second Pillar is Marketing your business. This is something most owners understand poorly. There are only four ways to market your business:

Public Relations
Cold Calling

All marketing is one or a combination of the above. Successful businesses use a combination of these strategies and make sure that each strategy supports the others. For example, any publicity you generate should refer back to your website, a form of advertising. Your website might ask visitors to refer a friend: word-of-mouth.

Your marketing should also be targeted. When it is not, you increase your costs per lead by advertising to people who will not buy from you, for example. Then there is the additional cost in handling these unqualified enquiries.

Your Marketing Plan should focus on the Five Profit Drivers:

Increasing Enquiries
Increasing Conversion to Sales
Increasing the Average Value per Sale
Increasing the Number of Times a Customer Buys from You
Increasing the Gross Profit per Sale

A 10% increase in each of these drivers will increase your profit by over 60%. That is the power of leverage. In most businesses, a 10% increases in each of their profit drivers is fairly easy to achieve.

In the Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success, the steps to putting together a marketing strategy and plan are fully covered. With the book also comes with $100 of powerful business tools which you can download.

When you have a strategic approach to marketing, rather than just untargeted ads or ad-hoc word-of-mouth, you will see massive improvement in your business.

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