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Leaving Food on the Table at Your Presentation

Many people promote their business through public speaking in front of an audience of potential buyers. This is a powerful strategy. When you are providing information of value to potential customers, they view you as an expert, and people love to deal with experts.

However, to be of real value to your business, there must be a marketing plan behind the presentation. You must have some marketing outcome in mind as you prepare your talk. Thinking through this strategy is as important as the content of your talk. What is it you want the audience to do?

While we would ideally like to be rushed for orders at the end of the talk, for any high value, complex service this is unlikely to happen, unless you are highly skilled at “selling from the platform”.

Some more reasonable outcomes include

• the audience buying something of low value as an introduction to your products or services.
• they ask you for a complimentary review as way of introducing your business to them
• you obtaining their contact details for your database
• they take away some marketing information about you and raise their Top-of-Mind awareness

The best way to encourage the audience to take be proactive, is to provide a call to action. This is usually some incentive for them to act while you are there. Often this is a special price or extra value in the package for signing on the night. Make sure can provide a good reason for the special offer- eg an end of season or an introductory offer.

Also look for ways to refer to the offer during the talk whilst keeping the focus on providing information of value. Can the person introducing you mention it? Can you prove information at the door, or on people’s seats? If your talk is of high value, people will always want more of what you have to offer. They will be waiting in anticipation to hear how they can get more from you.

So when preparing your next public presentation, spend as much time on planning your marketing as you do your talk. Create something that will cause the audience take some action. Otherwise, when you walk out of the room, you will be leaving food on the table as your presentation fades from memory.

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Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
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