Australian Business Coaching Club Newsletter - What is your call to action?

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What is Your Call to Action?

A buyer has just seen your ad, or your website. Of course it says how great your products and services are. You have the ultimate benefit in your headline:

“How to save thousands of dollars and hours of time”

You present the key features of your product, and how it will work to solve their problems. You create a fantastic offer, and have a terrific guarantee.

So what happens next?

They might cut out the ad and stick in their intray, or bookmark your website to come back later after they have thought about it.

Here is an experiment for you. Go through your own intray and find out how many ads you have kept and done nothing about. Or how many websites you have book marked and have never returned to.

As you do this, you might realise how good that offer was, but now the urgency has passed or you ended up buying something else. What happened was that you became distracted by other issues in your business or your life, and forgot about it as there was no urgency to act.

Without a call to action, the buying decision is deferred while they think about it and forget about it and all the effort that you expended to get them to read your ad or website has been wasted. What urgency are you providing to encourage people to act? Is there limited time? Limited quantities?

Calls to action create sales as people hate to miss out.

So what is MY call to action?

Have a great month.

Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
The Australian Business Coaching Club