Australian Business Coaching Club Newsletter – Do you market like a lion or a spider?

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Do you market like a lion or a spider?

The lion of course, is the king of the beasts. Standing there on an outcrop surveying the plains with a gentle breeze blowing in his mane. He spots a heard of antelope and climbs down and starts to make his way towards the herd.

He approaches from downwind and starts to stalk his prey. Once the herd comes within sprinting distance, he begins his chase. The herd dashes to the left and then to the right to avoid the lion. Finally the lion spots an antelope that is lagging behind and he marks his target. It is as magnificent to watch as it is brutal.

The lion has his meal. Tomorrow he will do it all again.

A spider, on the other hand, weaves its web where it believes insects will pass. It takes considerable time for the web to be woven, but the spider is patient. Once the web is complete, the spider just sits and waits.

First a fly may become stuck on the web. While the spider is finishing that meal, another fly or some other insect will also become stuck, and there is tomorrow’s meal. Over time, the same web may trap many insects, and the spider may only need to do a few minor repairs just to keep it working. The same web will supply the spider meal after meal.

All the effort for the spider was in the original construction of the web. For the lion, every meal requires the same exhausting effort to catch.

So do you market like a spider or a lion. If you market like a lion, every meal (sale) might be a cause for celebration, but you become exhausted by the chase. If you market like a spider, you take the time to invest in your marketing collateral. The collateral you create can then be used again and again to keep your business fed without the high thrill chase required to find each new customer.

Your marketing web will include the strategic positioning of the web. (No point constructing it if it is nowhere near your targets.) It includes an appropriate design that traps who you want and allows those you don’t want to fly free. It also requires a system to make sure that the web is well maintained and it is working.

When you spend the time to create your own marketing web, you know that it will keep your business fat and happy and well fed for years.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action ...

May Your Business Be - As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
The Australian Business Coaching Club