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Is Your Business Tattooworthy?

At Microsoft nearly 10,000 Apple iPhone users are accessing the employee email system. Needless to say Microsoft is not amused as they have their own smart phone. There was even one not so bright employee who took a photo of Microsoft CEO Steve Bullmer on his iPhone. Bullmer grabbed the iPhone, put it on the ground and pretended to stamp on it in front of a large crowd of Microsoft workers.

In the employee carpark of the troubled Mitsubishi auto manufacturing plant, you can find many brands of cars, Fords, Toyotas and foreign cars, but not so many Mitsubishi's. When you can't even get the people you pay to use your products, even with generous discounts, you know your product is in trouble.

At the other end of the scale, many purchasers of Harley Davidson motor bikes get tattoos of the logo on their bodies. Can you even get your clients to wear a baseball cap with your logo? There are also many generations of Australians who either belong to a Ford or Holden family. (Remember the TV show Kingswood Country - I am showing my age here.)

What behaviours does your product or service inspire?

Both Microsoft and Mitsubishi are doing a lot of soul searching to understand why their products don't inspire the kind of loyalty as Harley Davidson. One answer might be that if you did get a tattoo of the Microsoft logo (Does Bill Gates have one?) you probably will find Microsoft lawyers chasing you for unauthorised use.

If you don't know why you aren't getting the type of loyalty that other brands have, start asking your customers. Do a survey. Ask them why you haven't heard from them for a while.

Repeat business is the best business. Loyal customers are ambassadors for your business. If you don't know why you don't have them, ask.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action ...

May Your Business Be - As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
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