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A Christmas Gift You Will Read

How many gifts will you receive this year that end up in your garage? That hideous vase from a well meaning aunt. Perhaps it will be DVD of a movie you have already seen. Or it might be a book that you will never read.

Often the best gifts are the ones we choose and pay for ourselves- although this is often regarded by others as a self indulgence. However such a gift to yourself doesn’t have to be expensive and who better to understand the value of such a gift than you?

So in the spirit of the season I wanted to think of something that subscribers would value that I might give away, and I thought of my best selling book, The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

I am sure that if I gave this book away, I would have a massive response, but how many would read it? My experience is that when you receive a book for nothing you don’t value it and won’t read it. How many f-r-e-e ebooks have you downloaded to your computer’s hard drive that you have never read?

Instead I am offering Marketing Moments subscribers my book at a 50% discount, just until Christmas Eve. I am doing this, rather than giving the book away because I want you to read it.

So my gift to you is a book that you will read.

When you visit The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success website, enter the promo-code “XmasGift” on the Order Form to receive the discount – only available until December 24th.

Can you increase the value of something you currently give away by putting a small charge on it?

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action ...

May Your Business Be - As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman - The Business Brain Surgeon
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