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Are Your Customers Ripe?

In a perfect world, everyone who calls your business or walks into your store would become a customer, but that is never going to happen. There may be any number of reasons someone does not buy from you on first contact, from the value of your offer, confidence that it will work, or they need to speak with someone else who is the decision maker. They also may not be ready.

If the buyer is genuinely not ready, perhaps because the purchase is a complex one, plucking them like fruit from the tree before they are ripe- that is pushing them to make a decision on the day will probably drive them away from you, even when they become ready at a later time. A lot of fruit can be lost in this way.
If, however, you have a process that allows the fruit to ripen, and even assist in its ripening, the chances are much of the fruit can be saved.

In marketing terms, this means having a process which ensure you remain Top of Mind, adding value and educating your buyer until they are ripe. According to their situation, every buyer will have different ripening rates and require different levels of nourishment, but through your continuing support, you are establishing a relationship with the buyer.

This may be done through sending articles in the mail, postcards, newsletters, phone calls or other types of contact that demonstrate a continuing relationship that provides value. The value could be information, education or even entertainment. Does someone you know like to send you relevant jokes or amusing youtube links?
At some point, due to circumstances that may largely be beyond your control, there may be an event in the buyer’s life that triggers a decision to buy, and they will think of you first.

The fruit is ripe, it is easy to pick, and the flesh is juicy and delicious. Enjoy.

May Your Business Be - As You Plan It!

Dr Greg Chapman - The Australian Business Coaching Club
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