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Choosing A Tin Of Tomatoes

When looking to buy, it is easy to be overwhelmed for choice. This particularly struck me when we went to live in the US in the 90’s, and did our first shopping trip at the local supermarket – which was huge.

There was aisle after aisle of brands we had never heard of, not to mention local delicacies we had not seen before. So we had to choose each item without any understanding of the brands, apart from packaging clues. Have you ever had to choose between 20 types of tinned tomatoes? Not a major purchase decision, I agree, but multiply that by 70-80 different product categories as you stock your pantry for the first time in a new country, and the novelty wears off pretty fast – even faster for your children.

Very soon we were grabbing the first can we saw and looked to compare prices. The brands meant nothing to us. We had not been exposed to the years of marketing to build the brand awareness of the locals – we just did not know what the points of difference were and we quickly reached the point where we did not care. We were not going to spend time reading every label – so we mainly bought on price.

This is, of course, a pretty unusual situation for people to be in and over time we learnt about the brands and our later choices became quite different from our initial ones.

If customers in your sector are not knowledgeable buyers, this could easily be the situation for your products and services. Is your business one of hundreds in the aisle with people passing you by until they reach a business that explains clearly why they should pick them? Are people only interested in your prices because your can looks like everyone else’s on the shelf?

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May Your Business Be - As You Plan It!

Dr Greg Chapman - The Australian Business Coaching Club
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