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Customer Service - Two Stories

Whether your customer service is good or bad, people will talk about you. Here are two very different experiences of customer service. Neither is about bad customer service, but both are about how the service was delivered.

The first story is about a telco. Now I know everyone has their own horror story, but this is one that initially left me with a good impression, until they spoiled it. One day I got a call out of the blue from my telco. They were doing a customer service survey. While it was clearly from a from a foreign call centre, I did not mind because they were asking, unprompted, good questions about what I thought of their service, which I thought was ok – which I think in telco-land is high praise. (I didn’t have any complaints.)
The fact that they took the trouble to get my opinion as part of their normal operations, I thought was good practice and showed they cared enough to routinely survey their customers. So my feelings were quite positive about my telco as a result of that experience. Until they messed it up.

About an hour later, I got a call from one of the telco’s salespeople trying to upsell me on a higher priced plan. The salesperson was clearly local, and the purpose of the initial call was not to receive feedback on my experience with them, but whether I was a qualified prospect to whom they could make another sale. This clunky approach was so transparent that it just put me off. They could have at least waited a week for the salesperson to call.

The second story is about a visit to an auto-store to purchase new windscreen wiper blades. The sales person not only came out to my car to see that they were the right fit, but because I was a little uncertain on how to install them, he actually fitted them for me. (It took 2 minutes or so.) This was not a high price purchase, but do you think I would go back again? In fact I will tell you the name of the store, because I think excellent customer service should be acknowledged. It was Auto-Barn.

Often, it is the little things that can make a huge difference to your customers. Attention to detail, staff being encouraged to go that little bit further are what people remember.

Is there something a little extra that you could do to make customers sing your praises?

May Your Business Be - As You Plan It!

Dr Greg Chapman - The Australian Business Coaching Club
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