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6 Application Tips For IT Internships

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Sending in an application for IT internships can be an exciting and anxious time for aspiring professionals. 

This is a chance to gain invaluable experience, develop skills and build contacts without deviating from the educational course.

Whatever the environment and situation, there will be some common themes that employers look for and approaches that often prove successful in this environment.  

Here are 6 tips when applying for IT internships

1) Shape The Resume to IT Requirements 

There is very little point for young men and women to venture forward with IT internships just by forwarding through a generic resume. If it is the same document that would be handed to an accounting firm, a doctor’s practice or a retail shop, then it won’t be suitable for this environment. It has to be geared around IT skill sets, educational frameworks, career objectives, and beyond. It is always important to pose the question – what would a prospective employer want to see in these circumstances? 

2) Talk to Mentors, Peers & Educational Networks 

If there is a degree of anxiety and doubt around IT internships and how they work from an application standpoint, don’t feel like you have to fight this battle in isolation. In all likelihood, there will be peers who are in the same situation as well as mentors, teachers, family contacts and educational networks who will be able to offer guidance in this context. Reach out to them to outline what is in play and see what kind of advice they pass down. 

3) Keep Internship Options Open 

Young applicants who want to get their foot in the door with the IT industry may very well find that the best placement opportunity will be a fair distance from home and scheduled over the summer. This might be an inconvenience for a week or two, but the amount of experience that will be achieved through that investment will pay off in the long run. The same principle applies for members who want to get involved with a prestigious IT firm or multinational brand. In many cases, it will be the smaller outlets at a local level that allows interns to get their hands dirty and develop their skills at ground level. 

4) Assessing Different IT Niche Opportunities 

The good news for constituents who want to enjoy a quality experience with IT internships is that there are a number of different roles and opportunities within a given organisation. Whether it is operating as an engineer, a systems manager, hardware or software technician, analytics and reporting to administration, there are unique demands placed on the enterprise. This will help applicants to reflect on the type of career trajectory they want to take rather than investing time in an IT niche that is not suited to their tastes. 

5) Showing an Understanding About The Business 

The saying that “flattery will get you nowhere” is not always on the money when it comes to applying for IT internships. There is something of an advantage to be had when writing the perfect cover letter and having conversations with employers about their brand. Read up about the organisation and find out about what services they offer, how their internship program runs and how the individual will be able to take advantage of that dynamic. 

6) Be Prompt With Application Delivery 

Late applications, even if they are impeccable, rarely succeed when it comes to the domain of IT internships. Employers don’t want to be extending deadlines and making exceptions because punctuality is a feature that many professionals will assess carefully. Avoid any deadline panic for peace of mind and to score points with the assessors who will have strict provisions around when the application can and cannot be submitted.

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