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Benefits of Shiseido Straightening

If you have come across the Shiseido straightening style at your nearest salon but have doubts about the quality of the service, it is important to know some key facts about the practice.

Being imported from Japan where this style is incredibly popular, the straightening approach works to break down and change the molecular bonds for a longer lasting hairstyle.

What might have been considered a fringe movement from Asia is now well and truly mainstream, with a litany of clients enjoying the benefits offered by local hairstylists.

So what makes this option so enticing for women young and old across the country?

Here we will explore why this is the case and why you should consider this style as a serious option.


Greater Durability of Haircut

The changing of the molecular structure that is gained from Shiseido straightening makes for an end result that is far more durable than alternative solutions. This can be seen with the Brazilian method, a choice that will last a client up to 3 months against the Japanese product that extends to 6 months. Some may argue that there is a degree of inflexibility with this style when weighed against a regular perm, but that is the price to pay for an aesthetic that will give a glistening straight glow for upwards of half a year.


Minimal Logistical Concerns

When a client adopts the Shiseido straightening technique from their local salon, they do not need to be overtly concerned or stressed about basic logistics that are associated with an expensive new hairdo. This can include exposing the hair to rain, heat, humidity or extreme winds after leaving the location. The same can be said for the purchasing of shampoo and conditioners to maintain the aesthetic in the wake of the appointment. Alternative solutions will require a greater investment in the purchase of products and considering the outside weather and environment.


Does Not Require Extensive Salon Visitations

As long as the client waits the recommended 3 days for a wash or to maneuver the hair in any way, the Shiseido straightening approach requires no additional visitations. Over the span of a couple of hours the molecular structure is altered to break down what is there as the solution is utilized with the assistance of a flat-iron. This process is finished with a neutraliser and whilst other clients are making additional bookings for unique conditioners and applying solutions, you are getting on with other things in your day.


Beautiful Aesthetics

We know that beauty is far from skin deep, but those clients who embrace Shiseido straightening clearly want to showcase a look that is right for them. If you take a sudden glance at the photographs that are illustrated from those participants who have had this style implemented, it is clear from the glistening glow of the camera that this is an approach that works. Overlooking how the Japanese can make young women appear photogenic for the sake of marketing material, this is a practice that produces results and offers a quality return on investment.


Suit to Scale Your Budget

The good news about Shiseido straightening is that there is a scale on the investment required. From extensive straightening that will incur a larger cost to more modest solutions that are designed to a smaller budget, you can source an option that fits your financial circumstances.



Much of the choice to settle on Shiseido straightening will come down to your own hairstyle at the time and what you are looking for in the short to medium and long-term future. This is an approach that is an investment, less in relation to your money but more in regards to your own aesthetic and suitability. Consult with your salon and see whether or not this is right for you, because there are benefits to enjoy.


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