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Best Ideas for Birthday Party Supplies

To create the ultimate special day for your loved one, put your thinking cap on right away. Attention to detail is key to creating a standout experience that your guests will remember. This includes everything from deciding on a theme, decorations, catering, and finer things like funky straws and the inflatable flamingo out back.


To get you started, we’ve thrown together a list of tips, and some the best birthday party supplies around…


Choose a theme

A theme is a great way to bring your party to life before it’s even begun. It can give guests something to look forward to as they search for the perfect outfit to match.

Coming up with a concept sets the mood and gives your event some structure. It can help narrow down choices when it comes to sourcing your birthday party supplies, cake, and more.

Plus it’s a great way to really celebrate the star of the event. A theme can highlight an aspect of their personality that is really… them!

Stuck on ideas for a theme? Start brainstorming your birthday party supplies with this list:

  • Double denim – nothing beats a classic denim on denim
  • App party – because why not come as your favourite app in the current digital age? If Facebook were a person, what would they look like?
  • Hipster party – handmade, vintage, one-of-a-kinds. Or at least, we tried.



Design the perfect set-up in order to give both the star of the show and your guests a memorable experience. The best way to do this is with a selection birthday party supplies. But, what decorations should you get?

Having decided on a theme, you have a head start on what to look for. Let this guide your choice of colour scheme, such as blue for denim, as well as decorative items and party accessories. Add your own creativity when getting your birthday party supplies for a centre piece and details around the venue.

Balloons are always a winner, and a fun way to set the colours along with the general vibe. Pair with streamers, garlands, bouquets, party hats and other knick-knacks that shout joy.



Tying in with the above, it can be a good idea to get some birthday party supplies that aren’t purely for aesthetic. Activities can make these more interactive and can be a great icebreaker as they help your guests mingle.

Some are more appropriate for the indoors, and some for the outdoors. Also consider the season. For example, mini-golf, picnic rugs, and that inflatable flamingo for the pool are probably better in the yard than say, the living room.


Cake and catering

pink cake

Extend on the theme being carefully crafted through your birthday party supplies in your choice of food and drink, such as cocktails and mocktails.

For example, if you’re having a garden event, you may find tea sandwiches, quiches, and sponge cake complimentary to your theme, with paper plates and cutlery to match.

Serving up Pina-coladas with fruity straws and umbrellas can scream summer out back, with the inflatable flamingo.

The cake is always a statement. So decorate yours to be just that. Can you add some Wonderland references? Something blue in keeping with your denim theme? Edible flowers for a garden event? Think about with the catering arrangement too – would a buffet table full of decorations capture the theme in a certain way?

Showing your guests you’ve put thought into every aspect of your event will leave a lasting impression. With these tips for birthday party supplies you’re on the right track to having everything covered!

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