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Debunking Public Myths About Modern Printing Services

Everyone in the commercial world arrives at an issue with their own unique preconceptions about a particular business.

Some industries carry a lack of trust to exploit their consumers while others are renowned for poor communication skills.

However these generalisations manifest themselves, it is up to each and every enterprise to craft their own image, illustrating a strong degree of transparency, customer care and providing quality and value to the community.

Modern day printing services across the country have made significant strides in recent times to innovate their technology and meet the demands of the 2018 commercial sector.

This is why it is important to debunk some commonly held public myths about an industry that understands the requirements of operating in a digital landscape.



“Printing in 2018 is a waste of money”

The major reservation that many companies have when discussing the merits of local printing services is the money it will cost them to continue to churn out documents and reports on physical paper. Throw in the ink, the cartridges, the labour and the threat of additional hidden costs and it can just seem like too much hassle on the surface. Yet the truth is quite different for modern companies who offer services that lower overheads and provide bulked orders that are supplied with convenience.


“Printing is a drain on your power bill”

The power saving features that now come inclusive with products offered by printing services makes the need to closely monitor usage and power use essentially obsolete. With these devices carrying a sleep mode that works automatically, managers do not need to stress about manual operation when it comes to shutting down the printer between regular business hours. This is a fundamental cost that is now out of the equation to help the bottom line.


“Printing problems will distract my employees”

2018 printing services carefully monitor and check product performance when it comes to refills, diagnostic checks and replacements. Consider your cartridge, ink and toner needs organised with a real time customer service network that takes away those irritating office distractions.


“These companies are only valuable for basic paper and ink orders”

When you arrive at the front door or to the website of anyone of the available printing services nearby, you will find so much more than just the pure production of A4 paper and ink cartridge replacement fillers. From cuts to customised frames to digital downloads, laminated copies and surface texturing, there is plenty of service options that are readily on offer. In previous generations these outlets were relatively one-dimensional but that is simply not the structure of a modern day printing business.


“Acquiring the hardware alone is costly”

Fortunately modern day printing services appreciate the need to source hardware in this sector at an affordable price before the printing begins in earnest. Printers are available to rent, lease or purchase at a lower rate if a long-term agreement is put in place to source their product. What counts in this example is the need to maintain a healthy and ongoing relationship that sees the client returning for supplies, rather than feeling manipulated and jaded by an expensive investment in the initial phase.



Outsourcing your printing needs through local printing services has a number of knock-on benefits that are not apparent if you embrace the doubts and reservations that have been circulating about the industry. Particularly for legal and accounting firms, artistic designers and other professional organisations who require quality printing to uphold their brand image, this is a facet that should not be left to a cost cutting exercise. In 2018, this is a sector that runs efficiently to keep client costs lowered, to be energy conscious and to be diverse for the commercial community.


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