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How to Get a Good Hot Water Cylinder at NZ Price

With today’s technology there are a lot of ways to get heat into your home so that you can enjoy a hot shower or simply have hot enough water that you can do the dishes. When you are looking for some good hot water cylinders at NZ price you may find that the majority of all new sales of these systems are to replace aging or broken units. When these systems break down you are left without modern conveniences which can be a real hassle at any point in the day.

Regardless of the urgency of the unit you need to give it some thought as each unit is made for specific needs. The last thing you want is to replace your broken unit with a smaller capacity which leads to even more frustration. For the majority of all scenarios there will be more than one option that could be adequate for your needs and household.

To cut through the mountains of information we have compiled a short list of things to get you started. If you are looking to find the best deal for a hot water cylinder at a NZ price then you’ve come to the right place. We will explore what you should be doing and looking for in your next unit.


How many litres does your household require?

The first question you should ask yourself when looking for a good hot water cylinder at a NZ price is how many litres of hot water does your household need. This question becomes personal as you need to take into consideration how many people are living in the home and how often the heat will be turned on for the H2O. This includes shower habits, washing machines and sinks.

As a general rule of thumb a household that has 1 to 3 people is best suited to a gas hot water cylinder at a NZ price. Homes that are larger and have a lot more people living in them may want to look into a storage tank system that uses gas to keep a large quantity of water heated.

However these scenarios aren’t a one case fits all so if your family’s lifestyle habits are different you should take that into consideration.


Does your home have access to gas?

Another great question to ask yourself when you are after a good hot water cylinder at a NZ price is the fuel type that your home will be using. If your home doesn’t have access to a solar supported system, a natural gas option may be the most efficient and cost effective alternative that you can get.

If your home doesn’t have either fuel sources you can still use a traditional electric system. These systems have slowly started to become phased out as they have a larger carbon emission to its alternatives. Generally to get around the large carbon footprint systems will use a heat pump that takes air from outside the home to heat the H2O unit rather than just using electricity by itself.

Depending on your situation, this type of system may be a good alternative to a good hot water cylinder at a NZ price.


Where do you plan on installing the unit?

You should ask yourself this question as water that has to travel a long way in pipes will lose more heat the further it has to travel. With this in mind, you will be waiting longer for hot H2O to reach your tap which results in more H2O being wasted as you are obviously not after a cold shower.

If the only location for the unit is too far away you may want to consider creating a separate continuous flow system that runs on the opposite end of your house. This will allow the heat to reach all ends of the house without delay.


What is your budget?

One of the more important things to ask yourself when you are looking for a good hot water cylinder at a NZ price is what is your budget? Having an estimate in mind will allow the plumber to show you options that will meet the majority of your requirements. Your budget will also limit the other features of the system including the capacity that you can hold.

If budget isn’t an issue then you should make a decision based upon the requirements of your household. One person living in a house doesn’t warrant a massive storage tank as it may not bother you to pay for its installation but the long term costs will definitely affect your bottom line.

These are just some helpful things to look out for when you are looking for a good hot water cylinder at a NZ price. If you are still completely lost after these points you can always rely on the advice of a plumber as they have being installing these units for many years.


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