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Nicotine-Free Vaping: Here’s What All You Need To Know

In the world of e-cigarettes, vaping and nicotine are often taken in the same breath. While you can obviously vape nicotine, it is not what all that you have got. There are several options of e liquid in electronic cigarette Australia with no nicotine that you can try and still enjoy this fun activity like everyone else. So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy vaping but are not quite looking for a nicotine fix, then this article is worth the read. Keep scrolling to find out more information about vaping without nicotine and what options you have.


Who vapes like that?

This constitutes:

  1. People who want to control their nicotine intake
  2. Flavour hunters with no inclination towards nicotine and just want to have fun and explore options
  3. People who like to vape only to fit in.
  4. Partygoers who are on a roll and don’t want to break the chain of e-cigarettes passed on by their friends.



While it is the ex-smokers who make up the large part of this group, there’s no shame in opting for nicotine-free vaping. It is just a preference that varies person to person and not something influenced by peer pressure. So, don’t feel like you are kind of a speck on the vaping community. You have a whole big vaping fam just like you saying “No” to nicotine.

We know that you have your own goals with vaping this way. It may be that you just want to enjoy the sensation and flavours, or that you want to stay in the company of your friends who vape and smoke. So, relax! Nobody’s here to judge you.

Also, giving up on nicotine does not mean giving up on your favourite flavours. Almost every e-liquid flavour in Australia is available with 0% or higher nicotine strength to suit your preference.


What are the ways of vaping?

You have got a variety of options to start off your vaping journey.

  1. Box Mods: These are one of the powerful vaporisers that promise to give you the most electrifying vaping experience. They come with high-performance batteries that last longer than small vapes and vape pens. You can vape e-liquid in Australia with no nicotine when you only want to savour the flavours and form big vape clouds.
  1. Electronic Cigarettes: E-cigs are portable vaping products that are all the rage nowadays. They are compact and easy to put together for the instant vaping fun. Most are even the ready-to-use kind, giving you a whole new level of convenience in vaping. They are ideal for any nicotine-free e-liquid in Australia and elsewhere.
  1. Electronic Cigars: E-cigars come with the exact feel and appearance of the traditional cigar. If you ever wanted to live a celeb cigar moment, think now is the time. And it’s totally up to you if you wish to use these with or without nicotine.


Not every e-liquid for vaporiser or e-cig has to contain nicotine. There are many e-liquids that taste great without it. And then there are options to customise juices or make your very own without using any percentage of nicotine. That means you can vape big, voluminous clouds, enjoy the company of your vaper friends and taste some of the finest flavours, all without having to consume nicotine.





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