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Online Wedding Invitations – The Top Style Trends of 2019

2019 is set to be a big year in the world of online wedding invitations! With such a wide range of options on offer, it’s never been easier to order your marriage cards via the internet.

Here are the biggest style trends to expect this year:


Living coral

Pantone has just announced the official colour of 2019 – ‘Living Coral’! It’s a gorgeous, warm, pinky-orange tone that’s perfect for tropical-themed events. Don’t be afraid to use the sunny tone as a way to brighten up a regular marriage ceremony, or your online wedding invitations! Coral colours (think soft blues, pinks and orange) look great in the form of flowers, cakes, makeup and dresses.


Classic elegance

Simplicity is making a comeback – white colours and clean lines are in. Make the most of this classic look by trimming down your embellishments and sticking to typography-based cards. Add a modern twist by printing your online wedding invitations on translucent vellum paper; this creates a soft, gentle and delicate feel.


Textured opulence

At the same time, some people are opting for a more lavish take on their online wedding invitations – you don’t get married every day, so why not splurge? Think personalised monograms, diamonds, gold flecks, metallic finishes and lots of textures. Laser-cut, calligraphy and engraved typography are great options for those looking for an opulent touch.



In an era where global warming, plastic pollution and deforestation are major issues, brides are becoming more concerned about the ecological footprint of their marital ceremonies. This care for the environment may show itself in the use of recycled paper (as opposed to bleached) for their online wedding invitations. Some brides have gotten pretty creative, using upcycled fabrics like silk for their cards. You could even opt out of paper altogether and go fully digital.




Colour and confetti are a great way to add a touch of fun to your online wedding invitations (and your marital ceremony!). They also look great in photos (and by extension, on Instagram). You can include loose confetti in each envelope, or if you’re worried about mess, simply include them digitally on the overall design of the cards. For a twist on regular confetti, use biodegradable, metallic or neon paper or make them using flowers and leaves.


Pampas grass

Move over leaves, grass is here! Pampas grass is a tall, flowering plant which sprouts soft, feathery heads (typically in white or soft pink). It was all the rage in the 70s but has made a comeback with the neo-bohemian movement trending on social media. Add it to your marriage ceremony and your online wedding invitations for a neutral, rustic, lush (low-key yeti) vibe.



Ever since someone decided that adding candles to your marriage ceremony was a cool idea, it’s taken off. Add some fragrance to your online wedding invitations by popping some dried flowers inside, or by spraying them with some organic rose, lemon, lilac, honeysuckle or jasmine.



People rarely receive nice things in the mail these days, so why not add a unique touch to your online wedding invitations by including a custom, handmade illustration on them? This can add a quirky and personal touch to get your guests excited for the event. You could even use the illustration as a motif throughout the rest of your marital ceremony décor!


Floral & green


The lush, outdoorsy vibes are continuing on this year – expect to see more romantic marriage ceremonies at vineyards, in forests and in barns. Green foliage and flowers (especially natives) look great as embellishments on online wedding invitations.

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