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Residential Air Conditioning Sydney – Your Obligations As A Landlord

Residential Air Conditioning Sydney – Your Obligations As A Landlord

With Summer just around the corner it’s important to understand your obligations as a landlord in regards to residential air conditioning Sydney. For decades home cooling was considered the responsibility of the tenant, but in recent years, laws have changed and you may have new obligations. If you are unaware of these obligations (or wilfully break them) you could face some pretty serious consequences, so today we’re going over what exactly you, as a landlord, are required to do in regards to residential air conditioning Sydney.

What Condition Must A House Be In To Rent It Out?

In order to rent out a property in New South Wales, you must be able to prove that said property is in a liveable condition. This can be interpreted in many different ways but as a general rule, you are required to ensure that you can keep the elements out, provide appropriate sanitation facilities and in most cases, have the appropriate fixed appliances for tenants to cook with. You are also required to ensure that the property is of high enough hygiene and cleanliness standards that no one will get sick from living there. Whether you are required to provide residential air conditioning Sydney is a widely debated topic, but if your listing could be interpreted as including climate control, it is better to be safe than sorry.

My Listing May Imply That Heating And Cooling Are Available (Or I Have Told Tenants That It Will Be Installed), Now What?

Residential air conditioning in Sydney
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As stated above, if it can be easily inferred that indoor climate control is available at the property, you are required to provide residential air conditioning sydney. This can be done in the form of a ducted system, split system or the installation of a dedicated cooling system, however, whichever option that you select must be capable of providing the service it is intended for.

Do I Have To Update Old Residential Air Conditioning Sydney?

If you have an older system installed in your rental, you may be required to update it. This is generally only the case in circumstances where the unit has ceased to function appropriately, but you may also be required by body corporate to maintain your property at a certain standard. Many apartment complexes require that dwellings have certain features ranging from deadlocks on the doors, through to residential air conditioning sydney and even luxury appliances such as dishwashers. If you are looking at entering the real estate market, it is always important to do your research on any property before purchasing it, no matter whether your intention is to live in the dwelling or turn it into an investment property.

Who Is Responsible For Maintaining Residential Air Conditioning Sydney?

This topic is about as contentious as whether residential air conditioning Sydney is required within a home but in most cases, the responsibility will fall back on you as the landlord. This is because climate control is considered a “fixed” feature of the home, therefore putting the ball firmly on your side of the court when it comes to maintaining, repairing, or replacing the unit.

What If My House Doesn’t Allow For The Installation Of Climate Control?

The construction of some homes can make the addition of certain residential air conditioning sydney more difficult, but these days, it should be possible to find an appropriate unit for almost any dwelling. In some areas you may be able to choose not to install a system, but be aware that this will most likely have a negative impact on your rental yields.

Now that we have answered the five most common questions about landlord responsibility you should be able to make an informed choice and stay out of trouble. If you have any further questions about residential air conditioning sydney please reach out in the comments.

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