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Woman Traveler Used A Camping Hire For Vacation

The Basics of Camping Hire

Camping hire is the obvious choice when you decide to venture into the Aussie outdoors. With tourism Australia research recording 11.84 million campers annually, enjoying the outdoors has taken on a new meaning. For city slickers and suburban dwellers, the call of the wild does not necessarily mean you have to spend large sums of money buying outdoor equipment. Camping hire provides everything you need to enjoy stunning mountain views or fishing for tucker on a deserted beachscape without the hassle of later storing that five-person tent or buying canisters for that gas cooktop. You can rent all of your outdoor kits for an overnight trek or a week-long foray into hinterland forest without worrying about finding what you need, overly planning your adventure, taking up storage space at home, and forking out thousands for that once-a-year return to nature.

How do You Choose the Most Reputable Camping Hire Dealer?

Most metropolitan areas offer camping hire services, and these can be found on the internet or in the telephone book or even your local council can point you in the right direction. Generally, bigger is better because the larger dealers of outdoor equipment rental offer a larger range of camp gear that is well-maintained and affordable.

There’s nothing worse than hiring a five-person tent for you and your family only to find the cover leaks when there’s a down-pour in that secluded landscape. Or to find the gas-top stove doesn’t work or the portable generator won’t start and you’re eating baked beans from a can for the rest of your adventure. That’s why you should also check every item of camping hire equipment you rent before you pack it into your vehicle. And that’s why the bigger dealers of outdoor rentals, who have a reputation to maintain, provide more assurance of reliability and bush-land know-how.

Why Should You Have a Yarn to Your Camping Hire Specialist?

If you’re a seasoned outdoor trekker, or a weekend warrior of the bush, or even a complete newbie ready to experience the rugged nature of this great southern land, you should speak with the camping hire specialist before you rent your equipment. It is even recommended that you have a chat with him or her even before you start planning that weekend in the wilderness, or that week-long camping trail.

The camping hire specialist can advise you on:

  • The best places to camp.
  • The best time of year for your adventure.
  • What camping equipment you will need.
  • Any dangers or pitfalls in the area.

The knowledge you gain from this outdoor equipment expert is like having a tour guide without being chaperoned in the southern wilderness, and like experiencing the limits of off-the-grid freedom while having the expectation of safety because of timely advice.

How Can Camping Hire Specialists Advise You?

Apart from recommending the best places to camp for your type of adventure, including fishing adventures or trekking adventures, the camping hire expert will let you know about mobile phone coverage, any predictions of foul weather, any dangerous spots to avoid, and the best times of the year to camp.

The bush adventure rental specialist will then recommend every outdoor item that you will need to hire. This can be from the smallest piece of equipment, such as a compass for orienteering, to the largest piece of equipment which might be your ten-person tent and an air mattress, or even a campervan hire. 

All you need to do is stock up on food or rent that fishing tackle to catch that wilderness meal, and you’re ready to go.

Why Camping Hire Should be the First and Final Stop for Bushland Adventures?

A goodbye chat with the staff at the outdoor equipment rental as you gather your kit will set you off on your adventure in confidence and exhilaration. You can rest assured everything is covered with your bush rental gear, and you can let the adrenaline sink in as you drive off with the final recommendations from your camping hire specialist.

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