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Things To Know Before You Get Braces In Hawkesbury

Getting a set of braces can be a very daunting experience for those who aren’t fully aware of what they entail. While it may sound super scary at first it doesn’t have to be! If you educate yourself enough beforehand and brace yourself for what’s to come you will find that getting braces in Hawkesbury will be breeze.

Many people decide to get braces in Hawkesbury because they have crooked teeth and it can be a real downer for some people’s self-esteem. Additionally crooked teeth can have some health risks attached to them as well. Those who decide to get the procedure done will find that the best time to do so is while they are a child. As more and more people are concerned with their teeth, your dentist will track how your adult teeth are growing and make a judgement if you need the procedure or not.

Below we are going to explore a couple of things that everyone should know before they get braces in Hawkesbury.


You can get them at any age

While the prime age to get the procedure is while you are a child, that doesn’t mean they can exclusively get it done. There is no age limit for this procedure which means you can get the corrective treatment done whenever you have the opportunity. The only exception to this rule is if your teeth and gums are in poor health as it is vital they are healthy before the treatment is commenced.

The procedure puts a lot of pressure on your gums which makes it harder for them to recover if they are already in poor health. People who needed the procedure done when they were children but didn’t have the funds are now the adults that are getting it done later in life.


Your bite will get looked at

When people think braces in Hawkesbury, they think that the treatment is only about giving you straight teeth. While this is a goal for the procedure it isn’t the only outcome that it aims to fix. When you go in for a consultation your dentist will look around to see if there are any other issues that need addressing. A common one that a lot of people have is that their bite is misaligned. Your bite is exactly what it sounds like, the movement of connecting your rows of teeth. Generally speaking if your bite is correct your two rows of teeth should meet with little to no abrasion.

To fix your bite, your braces from Hawkesbury will generally be fitted with some elastic bands that realign your jaw. These bands can help correct overbites, underbites and even misaligned side bites. Your dentist will let you know if you need this particular treatment during the consultation sessions.


The average treatment timeline is 2 years

Obviously everyone’s personal situation and circumstances will alter the timeline of their dental treatment. However in saying that the average time to keep your braces in Hawkesbury is 2 years. There are many different methods that can be used to adjust your teeth and bite at certain rates. Your dentist will choose the procedure that best suits you and your situation.

There are rapid procedures that can straighten your teeth in 6 months but it may also require minor jaw surgery. The recovery process is 6 months and can be quite painful for some individuals. If you desperately want this procedure done you can consult with your dentist however they may recommend that you take the easier option of the two.

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