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Tree Inspection Report’s- What You Need to Know

Do you have any woody shrubs on your property? If so, do you know how healthy they are? Or perhaps you’re thinking about renewing your property insurance- the health of your plants will be taken into consideration when companies give you quotes. The easy way to find out what state your plants are in, and appease your insurance company is by simply getting a tree inspection report. Here is everything you need to know about plant assessments.


What is a Tree Inspection Report?

There are many different types of assessment when it comes to plant care, however, a tree inspection report is the most common. It is a generic evaluation of any woody shrubs on your property, it will often cover the health of the plants, how to maintain them and any recommendations for further work. Many people opt to get some form of appraisal completed before purchasing a house, getting insurance or beginning renovations.


Why Would I Need a Tree Inspection Report?

As mentioned above, you may need an assessment before buying a property, or before getting home insurance. It is also suggested that you contact an arborist if you notice any signs of ill health for any plant on your property. A diseased plant could have dead limbs, cracked bark, or be infested with pests. It is important to catch any potential issues quickly as this prevents the plant from becoming a hazard, and will keep your costs down. Furthermore, the local council can contact you and request you get a tree inspection report done. This is to decipher the environmental and cultural value of the plant.


How Is an Assessment Carried Out?

There are two primary forms of tree inspection reports, ground assessments, and aerial assessments. Ground evaluations are more common and will allow the arborist gather information by visually evaluating the plant’s health. Professionals will be able to identify any potential issues or hazards by doing so. This differs from aerial assessments, in which the professional will climb the woody shrub in order to get more information. It can sometimes be challenging to see some issues or structural defects from the ground, therefore climbing the tree allows the arborist a chance to get more information.


Who Can Complete One?

Any professional arborist can carry out a tree inspection report. As with most professions, arborists have to be properly qualified in order to complete any work on your plants. A trained professional will have a Certificate 11 in Horticulture for tree climbers and arborist ground crews, and Certificate 111 in Horticulture for supervising tree work. Alongside this, it is recommended that you choose a company that has current public liability insurance. This insurance protects your property if something goes wrong and damages your property whilst the arborist is working on it.


Do I Need to Be There?

This often depends on the company you hire to do the assessment. Generally, you are not required to be there whilst the arborist is working. However, you will need to arrange this with them and determine a suitable time. Make sure you discuss with the professional if you wish to be there, or if you will be out, this way they can be prepared.


How Much Does It Cost?

Again, this depends on the company, as well as the species of woody shrub. Most of the time you will not pay more than $450 for one tree, and it is usually less than $100 per additional plant. It is important to remember that this is just the cost of the examination, and any additional work such as pruning or pest removal will cost extra.

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