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Understanding Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

For those unfamiliar with the profession, a lawyer is someone who practices and studies law. Like the most reliable criminal lawyers in Melbourne, legal professionals have received qualifications giving them a permit to offer legal advice. Put simply, they are licensed legal practitioners, qualified to give legal advice in one or more areas of law.

To clarify the broad use of the word in Australia, the term ‘lawyer’ can refer to both barristers and solicitors. Barristers specialise in court room matters and litigation. Solicitors on the other hand, interact directly with their clients to provide necessary legal advice and service relating to their case. Like with criminal lawyers in Melbourne previously mentioned, qualifications for each area or jurisdiction must be met for the solicitor or barrister to work on that matter. As solicitors will always represent their clients, they will frequently spend more time in the office handling clientele needs rather than spending time in court rooms.


The role between solicitors and barristers are occasionally linked. Barristers cannot be instructed directly by clients until they are first briefed by a solicitor. In other words, a barrister will provide specific legal advice and representation of clients or organisations in courts or tribunals. Consequently, criminal lawyers in Melbourne will typically be a blend of qualified solicitors and barristers.

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne can specialise in a variety of areas. From things like bankruptcy, property, employment, immigration, tax, family matters, intellectual property, corporate, employment or even compensation issues.

With such lively onscreen Hollywood movie portrayals and with the riveting success of legal drama series like Law and Order spanning 20 seasons over 20 years, onscreen legal authorities are often fictitiously portrayed very differently. Some question whether real-life situations are as similar or as glamorous as portrayed in movies. To clarify some points, lets look at the details.



Firstly, not all cases go to trial. We love to see gripping dramas on screen, watching two sides go head to head. This results in many, if not, all on screen professionals being portrayed as litigators. A litigator, sometimes called solicitors, is a type of lawyer who spends lots of time in courtrooms filing lawsuits.

Additionally, movies and films tend to speed through the bad boring bits. Litigators are seen spending most of their time in courtroom proceedings. In real life, litigators spend the bulk of their time staring at computer screens, conducting online research and drafting legal bills. criminal lawyers in Melbourne, as with other professionals, do not spend as much time in court as we typically think.

On-screen dramatizations also tend to always show people sternly despising opposing counsel, even outside the courtroom. This does not always happen in the real world, especially with criminal lawyers in Melbourne. They understand that the battle is in the courtroom, choosing to not extend the feud to outside life.


Of all the legal areas, this one is often the most dramatized. Not to be confused with civil matters, police proceedings commonly include issues of murder, assault or theft; anything offensive to the public.

Within criminal law there are three main work areas: prosecutors, and public or private defence solicitors. The prosecutor represents the prosecution – the person taking legal proceedings against someone for the criminal charge – while the defence solicitor will defend the accused. Public defence solicitors do the same thing as private defence solicitors. They both spend lots of time in court and hence, are very experienced in trial.

Within Australia, Criminal law is processed by either state or federal courts. A high burden of proof is set with the accused being “innocent until proven guilty.” Criminal lawyers in Melbourne, for instance, will need to develop a strong case with evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

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