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Worker Doing Mobile Sand Blasting

What Is Mobile Sand Blasting?

Mobile sand blasting, often known as abrasive blasting, is a process that is designed to finish surfaces using a powered machine – usually a powerful air compressor or a mobile sand blasting machine. These machines are designed to spray abrasive materials onto a surface in order to smooth away imperfections with the use of pressure. It’s often known as mobile sand blasting because particles of sand are often used, but other materials might also be chosen. As sand or other particles hit a surface, they smooth out the texture and imperfections on a surface. Different materials will achieve different finished. Read on below to find out more about this method of surface finishing and find out how it works.

What is it?

Mobile sand blasting basically uses abrasive sand to smooth out a surface. It can be done in a fixed location or machines can be transported to the surface. Mobile sand blasting makes it possible to complete surface finishing on things like walls. Sand is often the material of choice because it is gritty and can wear down a surface. It is regularly used for instance to wear down paint and remove other unwanted materials from a surface. It follows a very similar logic to sandpaper which is used to wear down and refinish surfaces. Mobile sand blasting works in a very similar way, but instead it used pressure machines to shoot sand at a surface.

How is mobile sand blasting performed?

Mobile sandblasting basically involves pouring abrasive materials like sand into a machine. Machines used for the process contain a chamber where the material is poured. The machines can then be linked up with an air compressor which when turned on will then propel sand onto a surface. The force at which sand will propelled against the surface will depend on how high the air pressure is turned up. They are usually adjusted to be somewhere between 50 to 130 PSI. Once the machine is turned on sand is pushed against the surface which is then smoothed out. It’s popular to use it on materials like concrete which smooths out any imperfections that may have appeared during the curing process for the concrete.

Is it different than shot blasting?

Some people may have also heart of shot blasting, which involves shooting small metal beads or balls against a surface instead of abrasive materials like sand. Shot blasting is often used for very uneven surfaces because the metal balls, usually made from zinc, copper, aluminium or steel are capable of impacting the surface even more. They are a great choice for even harder surface and for significant smoothing, but sometimes gentler methods like are the better choice.

How to get it completed?

It takes some skill and expertise to finish a surface and use the machinery involved, so it’s best to hire a professional surface. Working with a company that specialises in mobile sand blasting is the easiest way to get the job done. When looking for someone to complete the work for you, it’s a good idea to shop around. Get a few quotes and ask about the different finishes that local businesses suggest. Many of them have a great deal of expertise in the area and may be able to suggest something that you haven’t yet thought of which could get you better outcomes. This type of surface finishing is often much more affordable compared to other alternatives, so it’s well worth your investment. If you’re on the fence, ask for some comparisons to other finishing options to help you make your decision.

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